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About us – Founders of advitares

Due to their long-lasting continuous business practice, both advitares partners can provide a wide range of experience and networking among stakeholders and business partners in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jens-Peter-SchuetzJens-Peter Schütz (Pharmacist)

Professional Career:
    » ISIS-Puren: Regulatory Affairs
    » HEXAL AG: Product Manager Neurology, founded „Neurohexal GmbH“
    » Azupharma GmbH/SANDOZ GmbH: Head of Marketing
    » TAD Pharma GmbH: General Manager
    » STADApharm GmbH/ STADA GmbH: General Manager
» CEO German Generic Association

He offers advice based on his 25+ years of experience in marketing Rx generics and OTC products, strategic marketing, company evaluation and rating of companies, company restructuring. He successfully worked as General Manager for several companies and also was in charge for divesting a medium-sized pharmaceutical company.
For years he was chairman of the German generics association (Deutscher Generikaverband). He is also well known as speaker and chairman at pharmaceutical congresses and symposia.

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Dr-Peter-Kraus_swDr. Peter Kraus (Pharmacist)

Professional Career:
    » HEXAL AG: Manager Health Policy
    » essex pharma GmbH: Head of Key Account Management “Health Policy” and “Hospital”
    » TAD Pharma GmbH: Head of Health Policy and Lobbying
    » STADA Arzneimittel AG: Director Health Economics, from 2009 Director Political Affairs, Head of STADA Berlin office

He is a profound expert of the health policy environment in Germany. His focus is social security law (SGB V), reimbursement, drug tenders, political environment, and lobbying. He held several positions at pharmaceutical associations, e.g. member of the boards of ProGenerika and Deutscher Generikaverband, as well as in working groups at Verband forschender Arzneimittelhersteller VfA, BPI and BAH. He also holds a lectureship for health policy at Hochschule Fresenius – University of Applied Sciences, Idstein.